Modern Submarine Combat System

Sub-marine combat system, to destroy the target (Enemy) uses high efficient sensor technology and powerful guiding and tracking weapons. It supports the reactive and transformative process operation and provides help for the basic control hierarchy.

Sub-marine Combat System Market outlook

Various determinants influence the global sub-marine combat system market they are, In Naval warfare increase in importance of sub-marines, up gradation programmes for sub- marines and Cuts in budget in defence. The naval force should be always equipped with the latest technology reconnaissance combat system, intelligent surveillance, satellite based navigation and target acquisition. The growth of global sub-marine combat system market will increase the essential of modern sub-marines that is capable of providing accurate nuclear missile barrage against land and sea based targets. The market is expected to grow due to the upgrade of previous technology as well as increase in demand for hunter killer ships. However decrease in the defence budget will make the global sub-marine combat system to decrease. In spite of all these modernization and technological development of the fleets are the factors which provides continuous up gradation of global sub-marine combat system. System, sub-marine and region are the segments of global sub-marine combat system. By system the market is divided into sensors, ESM (Electronic support measures) and armaments. By region Global sub-marine combat system is being analyzed across Europe, LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East and Africa), North America and Asia Pacific.

By Sub-marine the market is divided into ship submersible ballistic nuclear (SSBN), Ship submersible Nuclear (SSN) and ship submersible hunter killer (SSK).


Some of the important players in global combat system are Havelson, Kongsberg gruppen ASA, Saab, Thales group, BAE systems, Atlas elektronik gmbh,  Lockheed martin co operation, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Thyssenkrupp Marine systems.


Stake holders Key Benefits:

  • It is been analyzed at four regions, the market size of global sub-marine combat system.
  • To analyze the buyers and suppliers’ potential and the competitive scenario of the global sub-marine combat system for strategy building Poster’s five force analysis was helpful.
  • The report completes the outline of future scenario and current market trends of the global sub-marine combat system market from 2018 to 2026 for potential investments and understanding the existing opportunities.
  • Based on the individual revenue contribution to each market major countries in each region is mapped
  • The major industry participants are covered in depth in the global sub-marine combat system analysis of market.
  • With the detailed explanation restraint, market trends, opportunities and key drivers are explained in the study.

Why Combat system is important?

Combat system acts as a heart of the sub-marines operation capability. Combat system allows its crew members to get to know about the detection of sensor, track the target, attack or hide from the target. They depend only upon stealth and follow operational secrecy which is not found in other naval operations. It can thus be called as an ‘Silent Service”. Intelligence in sub-marines comes from wide range of sources with importance at different level, but they often come from the sensitive sources that need special way of communication handling and the sources needs an protection. The elements of the combat system needs an certification to access such sensitive data so that in can integrated with its own on board data and the crew members needs an appropriate rights to use the data.

Naval Combat Management System

Naval combat management system is basically an intensive software system, it has to be flexible to be operated under a naval battle environment which is very complex. A Naval combat management system needs to do the following main functions

  • Situational Awareness

The system has to be aware at the battle environment in the sea that includes air, surface and sub surface. This information is collected through radars like sonar, radars and electro optical system

  • Intelligence

A common operational picture is produced by evaluation, interpretation and collation thus converting the above intelligence into actionable intelligence

  • Planning and decision making

In a rapidly changing war environment this step helps the commander to make an action plan for implementation and decision making

  • Weapon system command and control

An efficient NCMS will direct the weapon sensors and weapons to destroy the threat which is incoming to it.

Combat Navigation System

CNS provides navigation for passive terrestrial and it distributes data to rapid distribution of accurate data to CMS and other sub systems. Extensive experience from navies and Merchant Marine because of Combat Navigation system is built.

Sonar Processing System

Sonar processing system is providing the best situation awareness of underwater and the surface threats. With COTS Architecture and open system standards the system is very much suitable for maintenance and future upgrades.  SPS controls mine avoidance sonar’s and bottom mapping’s active sonar transmission. This can also be interfaced with any variety of passive sonar arrays. Advance parallel signal processing is performed by SPS like example Subspace beam forming, Conventional beam forming and adaptive beam forming. Comparative to all other system longer range detection is done by advanced processing on combination with world class Target Motion Analysis (TMA) and Tracking.


Submarines also have a critical capability of firing cruise missile and ballistic missiles. The ability to fire missiles totally submerged makes them a critical asset. Submarines can fire missiles and dive to stay undetected. Submarines can be used to strike critical enemy infrastructures such as command and control building and missiles silos. Submarines typically have two methods for launching cruise missiles, horizontally from the torpedo tubes or vertically from the dedicated tubes. The range of missiles increases the effective reach of submarines.

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