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In modern times, there is no shortage of information which are available through various mediums across any topics. The Defence Industry is no different, there is ample information available in topics like Global Defence Budget, Defense systems and Global Defence technology, to name a few. The Global Aerospace sector and Defence companies use such resources for a better understanding of the Defense systems and Defense update across the Defence industries.

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The procurement decision of Defence system by a country depends on their Defence Budget. The Indian Defense Budget depends on the GDP of a specific country and can vary between 2%-4% of the GDP.

The Global Defence technology is not unilaterally spread across countries. The Aerospace and Defence companies drive the Defence technologies of a specific country. The Defense Industry would need a good amount of R&D supported both by Government and Private organizations to develop Defense systems that can compete in the Global Defense Industry. The Defense budget includes the expenses for R&D expenses for Defense companies.

The procurement decision of defence reports by a country depends on their Defence Budget. The Defense Budget depends on the GDP of a specific country and can vary between 2%-4% of the GDP.

Defence Budget

The cost of Defense systems are a cumulation of Technology, Regulation, Order Quantity and the support which includes service, spares and training. The military industry of the specific company depend on the local suppliers for the supply of its Defence system, however, would be forced to import such systems if there are no relevant domestic Defence companies that can cater to the Defence technology requirement.

The companies operating in the Global Defence market would need information on the Defence market trends, Defence budget, existing assets, future procurement, regional Defence technology compared to the Global Defence Technology, the key Defence companies and the Defense systems that are produced locally. Accurate and updated information about the local Defence industries and Aerospace sector are required for the strategic planning for the Global Defense companies.

However, the challenge for the Defence companies are the information availability, reliability and relevance at the market level across countries.

Aviation and Defense Market Reports is a Global Aviation and Defence Market Intelligence service provider. It offers 5 Defence Business services, Defense Decision Dashboard (DDD) is the flagship product of Aviation and Defense Market Reports, amongst other Defence business services. DDD is Defense Dashboard which contains both market level and country level Defense Market Data, which are covered in detailed.

The Defence budget covers both the historical and forecasted at the system level breakdown across the countries that we cover in detailed, the same can be customized for other countries as well. The Defense Market Data in the Defense Dashboard are updated in line with the Defense update in line with the change in change in procurement priority, technology and Defense budget.

The Defense Dashboard is designed for Global Defence companies for the leadership, marketing and strategy team members who access Defense market data. Users can  fill the form for a demo of the Defense Dashboard and our team would contact you for the demo of the Defense Dashboard.

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